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Our Services

We chose to use the term Cerebra to represent our organization. Cerebra originates from Cerebrum, the largest part of the brain responsible for judgment, thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, emotions and learning. Our expertise is to help individuals heal from mental health disease, traumatic experiences and substance misuse so they may move on to enjoy life.


Psychiatric Medication Management

Medication management is one strategy to assist individuals in coping with mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. We will discuss the goals, risks & benefits, and purposes prescribed medications. Medication management is often one component of a comprehensive plan that also involves therapy and regular follow-up with the provider.

Office Based Opioid Addiction Treatment

Office-Based Opioid Treatment (OBOT) is a type of service unlike IOP facilities and other intensive outpatient opioid treatment programs. Our providers offer OBOT to help those with Opioid Use Disorder maintain their busy lives of work, family and friends with safe, private and efficient care. Typical treatment* involves one visit - using either a telehealth platform or physical office - every four weeks. Understanding urgency, we also prioritize getting individuals started quickly without a long wait list.


Co-occuring Disorders

Mental health problems that are not adequately treated may lead to alcohol or drug use to relieve symptoms. An individual with co-occurring disorders has both mental health and substance use problems at the same time. Symptoms of substance misuse and psychiatric illness tend to exacerbate one another requiring specialized treatment. Contact us to find out how we can help.